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What to expect from an advisor callback

What to expect when you request a callback

It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s all about you.

If you’ve never talked to a financial advisor before or lining up a call back seems a little daunting, we’d like to reassure you, there’s nothing to it. 

Who’s behind the call?

Joe Mulligan our Principal will be the person contacting you at a  time that suits you and there’s no hard sell or commitment required to do anything afterwards. So, you can take all the information and advice offered and move at your own pace. 

How will you benefit?

The call will help you get a better sense of your current financial situation and highlight where you could do more to secure your financial future. Joe can help you marry the two, creating a financial plan that matches your budget and your goals. 

What happens?

When you contact us, you’ll be asked to provide contact details and can select a date and time that you’d be happy to receive a call from us. 

On the call you’ll be asked a few questions  and a time will be arranged to do a full Financial Review.

During a Financial Review, protection, pensions, savings and investments can be covered to help you create or add to a financial plan that centres on you.

What will the our advisor ask about?

Joe will ask for information that helps build a clear picture of your financial situation, so he can offer the best possible advice, armed with all the facts. 

Let’s say you’re interested in investing

The advisor will ask about things like:

Why do they ask that?

Your salary, income and expenses:

This will help the advisor work out how much you need to get by comfortably month-on-month, without using or relying on your investment pot

Any debts or loans you might have:

Managing debt is always prioritised over any new financial investment, so advisors look at any outstanding amounts that would need to be covered in the event of illness or death – again, without relying on your investments to meet the repayments

Your assets:

This is used to assess what portion of your total assets any investment might represent.

Personal or employee benefits:

These benefits generally pay out in the result of illness or death. By taking them into account the advisor can assess whether you have enough cover in place already, or if you need additional cover to meet any gap

Just talking through things can remind you of the provisions you have made and help you work out where there may be gaps in cover or opportunities to make your money work harder.

The next step?

Contast us today.

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