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Get a Quote - Shop around for Life Cover

by Joe Mulligan


Shopping around for the best deal is something that is built in to the Irish psyche, trying to get the best value for money we can at every turn. 'Whats your best price?', is my standard question for every insurer come renewal time. We do it for car insurance, we do it for house insurance, then why not for life insurance?

Once we sign on the dotted line of a life cover policy, it is as if a switch goes off in our heads that we are now tied for the duration of the policy, but the fact of the matter is that as our lives change so does our need for financial services such as life cover, serious illness cover, income protection etc., with each life stage throwing up different requirements and a need to review what might already be in place.

There are many sites available online at present that promise you the best deals available and some even offer quotes in 30 seconds. Some such sites actually sell your information to brokers around the country who then contact you to discuss your needs, removing your choice to choose your financial advisor. Value for money is key as is the proper financial advice.

Your local broker such as Atlantic Life and Finance can do the very same thing for you. All you have to do is ask, can they shop around the market for you with regards to your specific need whether it be life cover, pensions, savings or investments? More than likely they can, giving you the chance to discuss your requirements face to face with a person and ultimately support your local community, your local economy and a local business.

If this has started you thinking, why not dig out details of your existing life cover policies, as well as any serious illness cover or income protection you might have? Then find details on any pensions or retirement planning arrangements you might have and when all this is sitting on the table in front of you, contact your broker to review your arrangements and shop around to see if there are any better deals available.

There are a couple of possible outcomes to this exercise:

  • Confirmation that you have the best value available in your current arrangements..
  • Recommendations as to how you might save money and get better bang for your buck.
  • Identify potential shortfalls in cover for you to consider depending on your life stage.

One way or another this simple exercise will provide peace of mind, information and the opportunity to discuss your questions with a qualified, professional, financial advisor. At Atlantic Life and Finance we do not charge for this service. Shop around, get a quote, there's nothing to lose!

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